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How to Make Iced Coffee

I love coffee. If it were possible, I’d take Beyonce’s advice and put a ring on it because I like it that much. I’ve never been a big coffee drinker though, but lately since I work at home I find I am drinking it more and more! I generally stick to Starbucks coffee (icedcaramel frap is my bff) or make my own, and generally it’s almost always cold. I’ve just never been a fan of a hot drink, unless it’s hot chocolate and it’s actually cold outside. This was my first winter actually living in Ohio and I went to Starbucks one night to get a iced caramel frap while it was about -10 outside. No regrets. So anyways, I have finally mastered making a great cup of iced coffee at home so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Now I’ve seen a lot of recipes that say to cold brew your coffee but ain’t no body got time for that (although I’ll try it eventually)… or the tools so here’s how I do it (note this coffee is made the day before I actually plan to drink it).

First choose your weapon of choice, I use my handy dancy Keurig to make my coffee (and tea) and I love it. I got it years ago at Target and eventually hope to get one of the newer models, but until then this one does the job.



















Now I use whatever coffee I have on hand, this week I have some of the Starbucks vanilla coffee which is so good! But whatever kind you like works great.













Next brew it! Fairly simple yes. I use this giant World of Warcraft cup I have because well it works.

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Pros/Cons of Working at Home

So much for that whole posting every week … but maybe I can start it again? Or at least aim for once a month :P So since my last post back in April quite a bit has happened. I quit my previous work at home job, finally started my new job 2 weeks ago, only to quit it Wednesday for another work at home job. Most job hopping I’ve ever done, but it was totally worth it! Working at home certainly has it’s pros and cons, and I thought I’d make a post about it! This is only my second work at home job, but since streaming and full time YouTube is something I want to do in the future that’s also a home job. So here we go.


  • No pants/no bra. Seriously. No one can see you, so wear whatever is comfortable (I still wear pants because I feel weird otherwise … but screw wearing a bra).
  • Noise. There isn’t any. Besides your neighbors and anything outside. You don’t have to worry about loud people in the office.
  • Break room. I don’t know about places you have worked, but some places I have worked people were not considerate of others and made messes they never cleaned up. But your own house is your break room!
  • Fresh food. My lunch breaks tend to be long enough that I can cook something fresh for a snack or even for lunch!
  • Open fridge. Don’t have to worry about packing snacks for work and forgetting them, your fridge is open and ready for the noms!
  • Save on gas money and food! Don’t have to worry about filling up your gas tank ever and you don’t have to worry about spending money at the vending machines at work.
  • Your own bathroom. Seriously, public bathrooms suck because people are gross.
  • Work from ANYWHERE! Depending on what your job is, if you can do it from a laptop or even a tablet you can do it from anywhere in the house, like your porch!


  • Lonely. It can get a little boring when you’re all alone in your house by yourself working.
  • Pressure. It can sometimes feel like you’re under pressure to focus and always stay on task, you don’t necessarily have someone breathing down your neck to hit your deadlines.
  • Time management, once again you don’t have your boss or coworkers in the same room as you to motivate you you have to motivate yourself and manage your time well!

Anyone else work at home? What do you think are some additional pros and cons? I have to say working at home is pretty much amazing, just saving money in gas and food alone is nice! And the no bra thing? SO NICE :P



Chipotle, I Love You

If there was one place I would eat at weekly and never get sick of it, it’d be Chipotle. If you’re one of the unlucky people that follows me on twitter you know for the last few weeks I’ve had it … a lot. Last two weeks alone I’ve had it 3 times, and every time it was magical. What can I say? I LOVE Chipotle!

I used to be all about the burrito, but discovered how amazing (and less calories) the bowl is. I always get chicken, white rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce with guacamole and chips on the side. I love to put some guac on the chips and top it with the deliciousness in the bowl and it’s divine. I also love that you can order online or on your phone and skip ahead in line to pick up your order. I always feel like people are glaring at me and scowling in my general direction when I do that and saying under their breath “why didn’t I order online too?”. I don’t know about the Chipotle near you, but the one here is ALWAYS busy. And when I say busy I mean 15+ people in line. But, it adds up quickly. $9.75 each visit (although worth it since it lasts me two meals) it’s just not worth it all the time (at least to my wallet, my stomach totally think it’s worth it).

I’ve been hunting online for a tasty but close enough Chipotle copy cat chicken recipe, and I plan to try them at some point this month. Of course there will be photos and my final approval of how close the recipes are. Until then though, I’m totally fine with still ordering out :P