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Razer Seiren Mic First Impressions

Because of the AMAZINGLY generous donations for the month of February while I was streaming, I was able to purchase a shiny new mic for streaming and creating youtube videos! After much consideration and research I ended up going with the Razer Seiren mic (which I got the bundle of), and so far I am in love. You can watch the full unboxing video below!

Since I received the mic on Friday I have been using it the last few days and it’s an amazing little gadget. First off, it was super easy to set up and I BARELY had to mess with the settings (all I really did was turn the gain up on the mic a little) but also viewers have noticed an improvement in my sound quality :) If you are looking for a new mic, and are a fan of Razer I highly recommend this mic! I am currently looking into getting a arm stand that can attach to my desk for it. After a few more months of use I’ll make a more in depth review.


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12 Hour Stream

On February 20th I decided to do a 12 hour stream because I hit 1,000 followers on Twitch.tv on Valentine’s Day.  Stream started at 12 and ended at 12am on the 21st. I was incredibly nervous. I had this weird fear that only a few people would show up or that if I tried to play other games no one would hang out. But I was surprised!

The stream ended up being an incredible experience. I ended up getting 129 new followers and even got over $100 in donations! My amazing friend Shammy even donated money so that I could play Dying Light (which I played and had the stream laughing/screaming because of how horrible at the tutorial I was).

I mainly played Call of Duty, but also played Lollipop Chainsaw (which everyone loved) and Dying Light. I even ended up plugging in my mic while I did viewer games in Dying Light and Call of Duty. My viewership sat at around 30-40 and even peaked to 75 at one point!




While playing zombies in Call of Duty I hit over 200 viewers and couldn’t believe it! My goal is to be able to start streaming full time in a few months and hoping to get a sub button sometime during the summer. My average viewer count currently sits around 30 or more, and I would need around 100 consistently to be able to apply and hopefully get it! Streaming full time would allow me to have a more flexible schedule, do more giveaways, and stream 8+ hours every day! Fingers crossed ;) None of this would be possible though if it wasn’t for my amazing friends and supporters and I’m ready for the next journey with streaming!




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Why I Started Streaming

A few years ago I was introduced into streaming, but first as someone watching. I am one of the gamers where I have the attention span of a potato. Currently playing a game on PC? Hold on, let me tab out! I would generally have Netflix running as my background noise to keep me sorta focused while gaming because music just didn’t do it for me (but even then with Netflix I’d still tab out every 10-15 minutes). But then I discovered Twitch, something magical and odd about gaming and watch someone else game. But I totally loved it! Because of Twitch I’ve made some pretty awesome friends and have hung out (and even became a mod) in some pretty awesome channels. But then I got to stream …

Two years ago I got to stream for the first time, I was nervous and excited and just nervous. Where I lived previously I had a horrible internet, as in less than 1/1 it was pretty bad, but 2 years ago I went to visit my boyfriend at his place in Ohio and he had shiny magical internet. I would stream while he was at work and I completely and utterly fell in love with it. Stuck in a part in the game your playing? HAVE NO FEAR, CHAT IS HERE! Possibly someone in chat has already beaten that level and could guide you through it. After that I was only able to stream when I had access to faster internet, which was about 1-2 times a year if I was lucky. But then we moved!

November 2014 I packed up everything up and moved 15 hours away and moved in with my boyfriend. Naturally we found a place with fast internet and now I have a shiny 50/5 connection through Time Warner, that actually isn’t capped so it’s usually more like 60/7 which I am fine with. This move meant that I could focus more on streaming and creating YouTube videos and I was excited (although I still have a “day job” during the week)! At the time I was still playing World of Warcraft but just wasn’t into it as much as I once was and found myself really not streaming. December rolled around and we decided to use some of the money we got for Christmas to purchase a Xbox One and that seemed to change everything.

Shortly after I bought an Elgato HD 60 capture card and the drive to stream for me was reborn! Middle of January I decided to start streaming everyday and 19 days later I’ve gained almost 600 followers! For whatever reason people seem to enjoy watching me yell at Call of Duty and I have to say I enjoy it too! I love reading chat and hanging out with people, teaming up with them in video games even if they’re a new viewer. My ultimate goal is to do this full time, and since I hit 1k followers the other day I feel like it’s possible.

Who knows what the future holds right?

(if you’re not already follow me on twitch you should be ;) )