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Sunsets & Blue Skies

Saying I have an obsession with capturing the sun setting would be a vast understatement. One glance at my Instagram feed you can tell all I take photos of are my food, sunsets, and myself. Which for me this isn’t a bad thing!

I’ve always been fascinated by what’s in the sky, which you can tell by my St. John’s River photos but why? For me, it’s the colors. I just love how beautiful the sky looks when the sun sets (or rises), the mixture of colors, the spots of the light shining through, the clouds … ALL of it! This is a fairly short post but I can’t be the only one can I?! My plan is to eventually explore the area I live in more and bring my DSLR with me to take some photos. Here’s a few of my recent sky photos from instagram.


Sunset earlier :) #sunset #ohio

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Went on a walk with my BF :) Trying to walk/run more since I work at home again. A photo posted by Veronica Mars (@veroicone) on

We really do live in a gorgeous place :)

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Windows 10 Initial Thoughts and Issues

So like many others this week I was very excited to finally have access to Windows 10! Now if you’re not getting the option for an upgrade yet you can go to Microsoft’s website and just download it. Now the initial download took about 2ish hours but it was well worth it! The actual install took about the same amount of time (maybe less, I was watching Netflix while it was downloading!).

The main issue I ran into was when I first logged on Windows 10 and my screen looked like it took a trip back to the 90’s and my second monitor was not showing up. After I updated my Nvidia drivers though and restarted my computer everything was back to normal :P

My main screen.

My main screen.


Windows 10 is taking some getting used to, but it’s so so pretty. I think I am in love.

I also like the simplicity of google chrome :D

I also played around with the Xbox One app and was happy to see I can download all of my previously recorded clips that are on my xbox onto my PC, which makes it way easier when it comes to uploading clips and montages. I haven’t tried streaming with it yet, but plan to.


Overall I am enjoying Windows 10 as a whole, it was easy to install, so far easy to use, and the minor issues I have had haven’t really been all that ground breaking or frustrating. If you’re still not sure about upgrading, do it and do it now (especially if you have Windows 8), but as always don’t forget to backup everything just in case!


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How to Make Iced Coffee

I love coffee. If it were possible, I’d take Beyonce’s advice and put a ring on it because I like it that much. I’ve never been a big coffee drinker though, but lately since I work at home I find I am drinking it more and more! I generally stick to Starbucks coffee (icedcaramel frap is my bff) or make my own, and generally it’s almost always cold. I’ve just never been a fan of a hot drink, unless it’s hot chocolate and it’s actually cold outside. This was my first winter actually living in Ohio and I went to Starbucks one night to get a iced caramel frap while it was about -10 outside. No regrets. So anyways, I have finally mastered making a great cup of iced coffee at home so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Now I’ve seen a lot of recipes that say to cold brew your coffee but ain’t no body got time for that (although I’ll try it eventually)… or the tools so here’s how I do it (note this coffee is made the day before I actually plan to drink it).

First choose your weapon of choice, I use my handy dancy Keurig to make my coffee (and tea) and I love it. I got it years ago at Target and eventually hope to get one of the newer models, but until then this one does the job.



















Now I use whatever coffee I have on hand, this week I have some of the Starbucks vanilla coffee which is so good! But whatever kind you like works great.













Next brew it! Fairly simple yes. I use this giant World of Warcraft cup I have because well it works.

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